Round 10 – Candidates for New Year’s Tenacity Honours

Another horrible day fulfilling the forecast’s promise of continuous rain and strong wind. Not enough to deter last week’s Famous Four, this time joined by Arthur.

Martyn takes up the story again

Damp, dull weather and a trolley ban greeted 5 of the REFOS regulars who braved the elements to kick start the new golfing year. Saturday wouldn’t be Saturday, whatever the weather, without REFOS playing when the course was open.

There was barely another soul to be seen, but the three Mart*ns, the Lawman and Arthur set forth, playing off ¾ handicap from the yellow tees.

Arthur took first prize with 33 points. His blob-free round included a tidy birdie on the 15th. The Lawman, who had 18 points after 9 holes, came in second with 31 points.

The 3 Mart*ns had more respect for the prevailing weather conditions, and they each blobbed several holes. It wasn’t a complete washout for the trio: Phil Martin improved his eclectic score by 3, after a birdie on 9, and Martin Castle finished off with a birdie on 18. Oh, and yours truly hit the perfect drive up the 4th. (No idea where that came from!)




Editor’s note;  as reported Pete’s score on the 6th was 5, making it 0 points rather than 2. Will change next time if this was a lapsus digitus.



Arthur and Pete are rewarded for their braveness by hopping up a couple of places in the league, with Arthur now top of the pops with two round to go before the shake-out starts.


Some significant moves too by Arthur, Pete and Phil as they reach or break the level-par barrier, with Pete now lying second overall to the young maestro.


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