Round 10 – Doctor Yes

Stirring stuff from our favourite GP with a glorious 38 points, let alone choosing a Medal day for it and getting third place in the club competition.  Bit of bunker trouble on the 7th led to a strong recovery with par on the 8th and scintillating birdie 4 on the 9th, good long drive, huge second with Sandra’s 3 wood, pitch to pin high, nowhere else for the putt but in.

Told you I could do it

Another solid round from Steady Eddy Lane with 35 points including 19 back despite a glitch on the 10th.  Then irrepressible Martyn with 35 and 18 holes of no stop fizzing.

And then another four episodes in the Colin chronicle


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5 Responses to Round 10 – Doctor Yes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done Dr W……
    See you guys in a week or three…….incident with a saw and what’s left of a thumb keeping me away. Poxy DIY – I knew it wasn’t healthy to earn brownie points and get jobs around the house done!
    And I’ve not been able to throw any stick at the Leeds fan (eh Gary – 1-0, 1-0), or the demise of the scum (eh Rich….fancy stubborn old Mick having a more successful time of it with Town…..currently anyway…. than you budgies are doing).

  2. Gary says:

    Dr Golf has gotta be up for Statistician of the Year 2017…

  3. Phil says:

    Well done Dr W…..
    Catch you all soon, once I’ve recovered from a little DIY incident. Attempting to collect brownie points isn’t always a good thing!!! A saw, shelving and thumb are never a good mix.
    I’ve missed giving the Leeds fan some stick (Gary – 1-0, 1-0!!!!) and the scum fan (Rich, fancy Mick M doing better than your German manager eh, who would have thought it!!).
    Hopefully see you before we go away for the Italy England six nations match in a couple of weeks.
    And it’s not looking like I will get eight scores in! Maybe should’ve done a Richie Rich and not entered the league 🙂

  4. Gary says:

    I think ‘Dr Golf’ should be renamed ‘Dr Stato’, for all the tireless work on figures & statistics…

  5. Martyn says:

    An excellent win, and really unlucky on the 7th after a great drive and a good shot in that was only inches away from being perfect. All was made good with that majestic birdie on 9.

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