Round 12 – Early birds don’t catch the rain

Seventeen out but 15 getting caught in the late shower, with the prudent ones having had the presence of mind to take brollies.

Medal play and a good win for Andy, playing now to a much more sensible handicap and proving he can do it despite three blobs in the Stableford version.  That’s 7 shots dropped on these three and just 6 on the other 15, including a solid birdie on the 9th.

David W, Simon B and Martin nominally in second place with 34 Refos points although Martin’s card as transcribed had some dodgy counting and should have shown 15 back, not 16.  I’ll leave you all to sort it out if bothered.

Simon’s score good enough to allow him to advance by 4 in the league as Lance takes a weekend off.  A 35 by Arthur next time will see him up there too.

No change in the eclectic …

.. nor in the handicap version

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