Round 13 – The cream rises to the top

Superb golf from our two golfing wizards, Danie and Mark as they drop only 5 shots total between them. Gulp, that took me only two holes.  Looking across at Danie on the down-slope of the ninth fairways as he waited for the green to clear I signalled a question whether we was going to fly the trees.  No, draw round them came the reply. Enough said, one of his four birdies. Then a lost ball on the next, just a bit left off the green but never to be see again. And Mark, just a single 1 pointer, two 3s, then the remaining 15 in par. Stratospheric stuff chaps, well colour coordinated too.

Then Richard, Mr Consistent, a point back with 37 and an excellent gross score of 77 in the mortal men section, joined by Simon B.  Another Mr Consistent in recent times …

… reflected in the league, where Simon knocks off a 30 and gains another 7 point to average 35 a round, great stuff.  Must send the search parties out for Lance to put in another challenge for top spot.

Simon also joins the group at the top of the eclectic as the other three don’t make any progress over the last couple of rounds.

Good to see Colin making a leap up the handicap eclectic.  Wife restored, back in the house, new job lined up, designer stubble coming along nicely, everything smelling of roses again.

For the statisticians

Best front nine  : Simon B and Danie with 19
Best back nine  :  Richard and Pete G with 21 (welcome back to the limelight Pete!)
Best gross  :     Danie with 72 from Mark with 73


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3 Responses to Round 13 – The cream rises to the top

  1. Gary says:

    Looks like I saved myself a pretty penny by not playing today…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will be back Saturday just fitting new kitchen 🙂

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