Round 14 – 29 July, Martyn Fizzing

Wasn’t there to see it but Martyn scooped the day’s pool with a magnificent 40 point, starting with 18 out but finishing the last 6 in one-under for 22, the one coming with a birdie down the last.  Could hear the roar in Meldreth.

Lance back in town, and business, with 39 points, untroubled by yellow blobs on Gary’s reporting sheet.  Bit hard on Colin and Arthur to get 37 and come just joint third.

And after reaching 75 two weeks ago Dave R sets his sights on playing to his age as a centenarian.

Simon advances by 1 in the league but Lance reduces his total by a whopping 8 to close the gap dramatically while Arthur goes one better with 9 off for comfy third place.  All still to play for.

Mark holds top spot in the eclectic, unchanged on 60, while Danie knocks of 1 for second place.  Simon and Arthur mark time in third spot but joined by Pete who reduces by 2.

Pete’s reduction by 2 moves him up into joint second place in the handicap eclectic alongside Lance and Simon B, just 1 behind Mark.

Stats for the day

Best front nine :  Lance, Colin and Danie with 19
Best back nine : Martyn with 22 from Lance, Arthur and Walter with 20
Best gross  :  Danie (as ever) with 75 from Mark with 76.

Good to see Arthur back in the 70’s with 79.


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