Round 15 – Andy within whisker of British Legion

Married life obviously agreeing with Andy.  Slow to get going with 16 points out but then a sparkling back nine of 1 over for 23 points.  Looking at the numbers, 7 shots went on the first 5 holes but then just 4 on the rest. Not a birdie to be had, but who needs them. Almost good enough to get into a tie for the British Legion trophy, just one short of Steve Rogers winning 40.

Old photo from bachelor days sorry, had to rush off to unload tents.

Martyn fizzing as ever, this time 36 points for second place.  Nice steady numbers, nothing worse than 6.  Then a right regular cornucopia in third place, Pete L, Mark W, Gary, David M and Pete G on 35.

Not much change in the League positions, just a bit of a slide for Mike and Dave R as a few more complete their tens.

Beware all, Mark is just one round away from finishing, just needing 32 to rock a boat that’s been stable for a while.

Mark still out in front in the eclectic, improving by 1. Pete nipping up into third place meantime.

Same story in the handicap version with Mark improving by 1 and Pete by 3.  Colin almost doing a dramatic jump up into joint third.


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