Round 16 – Course wins

Bit of a rarity where no-one managed to play to handicap.  Bit odd on a mostly dry day without excessive wind. Enough though to blow away Tony’s card but welcome back anyway, your presence is sorely missed.

Walter and Lance came closest with 35 points, each missing out on one hole.  Then a trio on 34 points, David M, Gary and Richard.

Don’t want to moan, or maybe I do, but that’s joint second in two consecutive weeks for a combined haul of 60p.  Getting a birdie is so much more valuable, taking out the equalisation provided by the handicap system. Will do the stats over the league season.

Predicted surge has happened for Mark, taking over at the top of the league by a whisker from Lance and Simon B, as the top three build a more unassailable position. All’s not lost Arthur.

And Mark also eases ahead in the eclectic with a well aimed birdie on the 15th.  Must be good to be able to nominate which holes to get birdies on.

And Mark completes the hat-trick in the handicap eclectic, moving one ahead.  Lance did the same to vie with Pete for second spot.

And for the record :

Best front nine : Walter with 18 from Arlo and Pete L with 17
Best back nine  : David M with 20 from Gary and Lance with 19
Best gross  :  Mark with 78 from Richard with 80

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2 Responses to Round 16 – Course wins

  1. Anonymous says:

    Any chance I could post my 35 points from the John o’ ‘Gaunt at the weekend then?
    Thought I’d emulated Weslie too…..hit the flag just above the hole on the 16th, pitchmark trashed the edge and needed some repair work, but the poxy ball spun back about 12 foot. Yes, and I missed the putt before you ask.
    Happy days.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Or maybe I meant ‘Westie’…..

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