Round 17 – Pete knows no bounds

Fore! we all cried to warn the dog walker on the practice ground.  Undeterred Pete launches another up the middle and gets a comfy second-ball par.  Then does 16 of the next 17 in net par, just removing 4 shovel-fulls of sand on the 10th to keep it at 36 points and a winning margin of 3 over Richard and Simon C . Richard took the more orthodox route of 16 out, 17 back while Simon stormed in with 20 to add to 13 out.

Neil there to make it a round 15, good to see you, memberships are available.

Mark nudges further ahead in the league, adding 3 to Lance’s 1.  Pete adds 8 and will need a few more like today’s in the remaining 5 weeks to the end of the league season.

All pretty much the same in the Eclectic except that Pete joins Danie in second place while Colin leapfrogs up to be just 1 further back.

Pete also knocks of 1 in the handicap eclectic, all to play for.


Round times  :  everyone round in about 3 hours 35, well done, useful ammunition.
Best Front nine  :  Pete with 18 from Mark, Richard and Arthur with 16
Best back nine :  Gary with 21 from Simon C and Lance with 20
Best gross  :  Mark with 79 from Richard with 81

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