Round 19 – Bouncy Castle

Great stuff from the Cheeky Chippie as he powered through the handicap target by a whole 5 shots that are certain to bring the bar down a bit.  Good solid scoring over the front 9, finishing with a birdie to make it 22 out. The 6-5 finish must have felt like a bit of a disappointment but 19 points speak for themselves. The Xmas tree is a bit of a give away and Arlo has put on a spurt of growth meantime.

By my reckoning Andy’s birdie on 15 should have been worth 4 points not the 3 recorded, so if true means he should have been joint second with Danie.  I’ll leave you lads to sort that one out.  Back to Andy, a slow start of 1 point on the first led to a barrage of 20 on the next eight holes.  Pity about the 11th otherwise the top spot beckoned.

As for Danie, well, a level par round of 70 is just fabulous, not a 6 to be seen on the card, one-over going out, birdies on 17 and 18 to make it one-under back, 40 points total.

Then Gary with 21 points on 7 holes from the 7th, including a birdie on 9 to match playing partner Martin’s.  That gave a share of what now seems to be 4th place with Simon B, whose 22 out was 5  x 2 and 4 x 3.

Colin is the only mover in the eclectic, knocking another 1 off with a well aimed birdie at 7. Mark moves one further ahead just to show who’s boss …

… and in the handicap eclectic too, with Colin moving into clear second place.

Stats for the day :

Best front nine  :  Martin and Simon with 22 from Andy with 21
Best back nine :   Danie with 21 from Martin, Arlo, Gary and Andy with 19
Best gross :   Danie with 70 from Mark with 78

And remember, just 4 rounds to go for this summer league.

Footnote  :  don’t quite know how the wrong score sheet got in there last week, now amended if you look on

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3 Responses to Round 19 – Bouncy Castle

  1. Neil says:

    bandits all of you!

  2. Andy Sutton says:

    Regarding the 15th David, stroke index 14. I was off 13 today so only the 3 points, not 4. Down to 11.9 now, though.
    Hope that clears it up.

  3. Gary says:

    Some good scoring this week, but no updated league table…

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