Round 2 – Colin Copes Best

Bit chilly to start and winter woollies on.  Then getting a lot milder for the twelve who turned out at this early stage of the Winter League. Big gaps in the field, chaps, so let’s try to keep up with the games ahead and avoid the accusing finger.

Sparkling stuff from Colin forging along with 19 points on the first eight, ah, make that nine after some sort of calamity.  Then full steam ahead for a back nine of 20 and a finishing birdie to round off a good day’s work.

Game of two halves for Richard with a leisurely 15 points going out  but a magnificent 23 back, 5 twos, 3 threes and a four for a 1 under par gross. Pity you’re not entering the League, times must be hard.

Then ever-present Pete with 36 points of similar composition, 13 out and 23 back.  We all seem to love the course conditions now.

Two good rounds gets Colin’s campaign off to a flier in the League, obviously going for gold while the weather stays reasonably mild.

Well done Pete for arranging the Refos Dinner on 16 December, numbers building nicely and already 16 pairs signed up.

Footnote  :  polite suggestion from Gary that we have something new in the league seasons so suggestions welcomed.  Might attract him back too; don’t worry, the present phase will pass (preferably not to someone else!).


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