Round 5 – Stuck in a Rutter

Pretty frustrating having a very slow fourball match starting just in front of us.  Lance and DM off first and called through on 7, then called through a regular fourball on the 10th, then whizzed around the second half, finishing 45 minutes ahead of the second group. Lot of disgruntled Refos people.

Andy continuing his good form with a rousing 37 on a day that started chilly but soon warmed up a bit.  All the easier with a light wind and no rain. Andy’s score was for 16 holes only, hitting the rocks on 6 and 7 but storming in with 22 points for his 37 total.  You look just like in the photo of a couple of weeks back Andy, could be an explanation for that.

Three in joint second place on 36, Pete L, Gary and David M. Gary’s was another 16-hole job but nothing more than a 5 on the scoring holes including 2 birdies; welcome back Gary, hope the Shermans have moved on.  Same 16 qualifiers and 2 birdies for Pete, and good sprinkling of pars too.  DM suffering the frustrations of waiting for every shot on the early holes but coming home in 2 over for 23 points to add to the frustrating 13 out.

Don’t have cards for Pete G, Danie and Arthur but can add them if you can conjure them up.  Sorry, my psychic powers aren’t up to scratch at the mo.

Just so happens the three with missing cards haven’t signed up for the league so the rest of the results aren’t affected.  There’s still time chaps, and the database has all your previous scores so they can appear once the famous box has been ticked.

Back to the knitting, Colin still way ahead in the League, pounding out consistent scores …

… and in the Eclectic

… and in the handicap eclectic

For some home entertainment take a look at this new page with some golfing tips from a top UK coach.


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  1. David Marsh says:

    Very apt title for this weeks round. Like it.

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