Round 6 – Lance a lot, rest not much

Another bitingly cold day, never above 3 degrees, clearly taking its toll.  Twelve out but only ten cards received.  Will add the scores if you can provide them.

Lance comes out on top again, this can’t go on ‘cos I’m running out of headline quips. But, another steady round in the most challenging conditions with the ball bouncing uncontrollably on the rock-hard ground.  After just 13 in his seven scoring holes on the front nine Lance made amends with a solid 19 back.

As ever, Colin not far away again with 31 over 15 scoring holes, and a glorious 4 on 17 to secure second place.  Then Mike and David W with 29, followed by the real sufferers.  Must be the lowest average scoring day for a long time.

The Colin success story continues, leading everything else, the League …

… the Eclectic,

… and the Handicap Eclectic

Thought I’d add a new category to assist the higher handicap players, in the form of a table of cumulative net birdies.  But lo and behold, Colin’s leading that too.

A message from Dave Rowell after we’d heard last week about his heart problem.

At the moment it is all ok and I do not feel bad at all.  I didn’t feel bad when I came here.  Not much real change just disappointment it could not be fixed by stent.  The alternative is that I will need a triple bypass op which is now planned for 19th Dec, and means they will ship me from The Lister to Papworth on 18th.  Boring sitting in hospital waiting, with all its attendant problems at home.  What it will be like after the op I will find out later but for sure will not be playing golf for a while, with bit of luck perhaps April or May time if all goes well.



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  1. Martyn says:

    Sir Lance a lot may not have been able to make it on Saturday night, but looking forward to seeing him this Saturday, so he can collect his trophy, the Summer Shield.

    Who thinks we should do Secret Santa as well?

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