Round 7 – Clowning In Asia

Or in other words, Colin wins again!  By a country mile!  Three birdies, not a six in sight, 2 over out and 2 over back for a gross 74 and 44 points.  Brilliant stuff on a difficult day of typical Royston wind, facing going out, helping coming back, ten pars or net pars.

Here’s how Refos looks this Christmas with almost a full turnout for the Secret Santa.  Word of advice to Danie and Arlo, if you can’t see the camera it can’t see you.  Another word, this time from David R to say the plumbing job has gone well, recuperating for a few more days in Papworth before being released home.  Will be several months before able to play golf again, but all best wishes from us all.

Pretty tough when you score 76 gross and don’t get a mention but great stuff too, Mark.  Second place went to ever consistent Simon B with 37 including 2 birdies, then Phil with 36 in third.

Spectacular birdie 4 on 17 from Pete G, gracing us again with his and Alfie’s presence.  Three good shots to pin high then in like a ferret down a rabbit hole.

Struggles for the lower orders, finding the wind a bit too tricky.

Might be the first time that anyone’s ever scored a grand slam, as Colin leads everything in sight, league, eclectic, handicap eclectic and net-birdie count.  White flags at the ready for the winter season, not just on the greens.

So, happy Christmas to all our readers, what a great bunch, pleasure to have your company week in, week out, and with such talent in depth.

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2 Responses to Round 7 – Clowning In Asia

  1. Gary says:

    Some great reporting again this year. Keep up the good work.
    Happy Xmas & New Year

  2. Martyn says:

    Really pleased that David R will be home soon.Excellent news.

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