Saffron Walden Day Out, 30 March

Clocks change, time to think of spring golf.

Alas poor Hanners of the bad back, get well soon.

Eight on the day’s outing to Saffron Walden always a nice experience. Bit miserable on the weather front, the scattered showers joining up for much of the first round then returning during the afternoon. Some warmth then pretty chilly towards the end.

Pete G does it again, taking the morning singles with 33, then XX (bugger, brain’s going, was it Martin?)  in second with 32, Dr G third with 30. Just the one birdie.

Pairs comp after lunchtime refuelling and rehydrating, the serious golfers sticking to orange and lemon, the rest of saying bring on the beer. Very closely fought, appearing that Steve Le Poisson and Martin were top of the tree with 40, fending off Trev and Pete G by a point. Then the humble scorer confessed to having given poor Trev just the one shot on S/I one, not two (shouldn’t be allowed, man of his calibre).

Two birdies, and a double for Dr G at hole 11, morning and afternoon. Pete G to 18 inches at the same home for a half.

Great day, pity about the weather, roll on spring golf and cherished Wednesdays.

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