Saturday 11 December – Respite From The Cold

Great morning, sunny and not too cold, 8 degrees or so but no cold wind.

Eleven out, all champing at the bit after enforced break last weekend. Course in good nick despite it all, greens putting well. Sixth hole out of commission – must be the muddy slopes. Wouldn’t want to see one of our members take a pearler now would we. Then again, absent friend might, mentioning no names Pete.

Stormer from Nell The Skell with 38 points for the 17 holes. Three birdies too. No worries mate, the shot on 8th didn’t miss us by much.

Trev in next on 36, steady old round and 20 back, wily old fox. Wimbledon Womble Martyn third on 35, square driver beginning to do its job. Do like the recoil, demo of Newton’s law of Action & Reaction in the flesh – ah, reminds me, don’t even ask why.

Eleven birdies total.

REFOS Winter Knockout, 11 December

Fourth Round

Eclectic going well, three players now under par, Richman Bestman leading at -4.

Our resident MC leading the birdie count with 7 after last times blitz, 3 clear.

Refos Eclectic, 11 December

REFOS Winter Challenge, Royston Golf Club

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