Saturday 15 May – Blue skies up above …

Almost there, knocking on spring conditions. Course great, rough growing visibly, greens good.

Ten out, Dr G leading the field with 35 followed by newly named Mr Happy, Ricardo on 34. Pete L and Arthur trailing in on 32. Five birdies.

Hear ye, hear ye, anyone up for a night on the nags at Newmarket on 23 July? Razorlight as entertainment too. Speak to the Rich Man as soon as poss. Several R-men already signed up with spouses, some without.

Also hear ye, it’s the Grey Starling next weekend, aka Lifeboat, so come prepared for a qualifying comp. Here’s the story.

Grace Darling was born in 1815 at Bamburgh in Northumberland, and spent her youth in two lighthouses , of which her father, William was the keeper. In the early hours of 7 September 1838, Grace, looking from an upstairs window of the Longstone Lighthouse on the Farne Islands, spotted the wreck and survivors of the ship, SS Forfarshire on Big Harcar, a nearby low rocky island. The Forfarshire had foundered on the rocks and broken in half; one of the halves had sunk during the night.

She and her father, William Darling, determined that the weather was too rough for the lifeboat to put out from Seahouses, so they took a rowing boat across to the survivors, taking a long route that kept to the lee side of the islands, a distance of nearly a mile, Grace kept the coble steady in the water while her father helped four men and the lone surviving woman, Mrs. Dawson, into the boat. Grace and the fourth man comforted Mrs. Dawson, then remained at the lighthouse while William Darling and three of the rescued crew members rowed back and recovered the remaining survivors.

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