Saturday 20 November – Where the Fog’s the Green

Grey old day from start to finish. Bit tough for first and last few holes, playing on instinct and love of the old course – in great condition through it all.

Saturday Medal too, and 10 dutifully in attendance.

Dr G steered straightest and truest for net 69 and 37 points in the Refos Bash. Trev next on 36, the sly old fox making steady progress despite the odd blip. ThenPete L on 35 slugging it long as ever this season. Hang on, that’s first three places in the same group, good bonding.

Dismal on the birdie front apart from our resident MC, 2 more to add to last week’s haul of 5.

Winter Challenge Round 3

Medal in the Mist, Winter Challenge Round 3

Birdie man Martin takes a commanding lead with 2 more today, Ricardo holds on to a slender lead in the Eclectic. Keep those scores coming boys, and don’t forget the Summer Challenge Crowning Ceremony next Saturday – normal Refos then evening bash at The Jockey. Hope Pete G remembers.

Refos 20 November

Eclectic and Birdies

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