Something in the air

Glad to see all these patriots putting flags out for HM the Q’s birthday. Happy new handicap too, Martyn.

Strange buzzing noise on the box, plague of bluebottles invading S Africa? Now 6.55 pm on Saturday and the local noise is all those good neighbours mowing their lawns – in time for a nice trip to visit grandma or take the kids out for a lolly?

Anyway, great day for golf but where were the great golfers?? Only star a-twinkling was the Lawman with 37, no less. Then Martin the C-Word on 33 and Dave R the Rave on 30.

Won’t mention fresh air – two doses for Ricardo. Nor ‘that’s a funny putter Sunder-man, says 3-wood on it,  so why’s the putter in the car?’.

Back to the event and the Derry Hainsworth, Dave Bradshaw Memorial. Our best shot was the A-team of The Lawman, Trev (will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64), Harry G and Die-vid, all with a creditable 110 for best 3 from 4.

And here’s the current status

12 June - click to enlarge

And the averages

12 June - Averages

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