Start of Winter League – No stopping Jonathan

Much more comfortable day than last Saturday for the start of the Winter League.

And it’s Jonathan again!  After last week’s 40 it’s another Hollywood Handshake for today’s 39.  Blimey, if it weren’t for two 7s, an 8 and a 9 it would have been even more sensational.  Well done indeed, good work in knocking off big lumps of handicap.

Richard in second with an excellent gross 78, back in 2 over, for 36 points.  Delightfully steady scoring, continuing the consistency of the last however long.

Nice to get entry money up-front from almost everyone, just two not having quite enough pocket money and needing to have words with their financial controllers.

Can’t make it to the 5 birdies we paid for, can whoever’s missing let me know.


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One Response to Start of Winter League – No stopping Jonathan

  1. Gary says:

    It looks like 2 birdies for Mark – on 7 & 13.

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