Summer League Start

The Summer League will start tomorrow, giving a maximum of 22 opportunities to achieve 10 best scores, allowing for holidays etc.

Start : 5 May 
End : 5 October
Qualifiers : 10 Best Scores
Entry : £10 

Prizes : 1st, 2nd, 3rd in League
Eclectic : Best
Scratch : Lowest total of 10 rounds

Depending on numbers of entrants we will allocate pots for each of these categories.

My suggestion is to use the standard club procedure for payouts, ie

League Winner's Trophy to be decided on an 18-hole play-off if scores are tied. If players are still tied then the winner to be decided by sudden death play-off on the putting green.

League Money Payout to be on basis of half, third, sixth of pot, with no count-back for ties, ie amounts to be shared for tied scores. 

Eclectic and Scratch Payout to be single prizes or shared for tied scores.

If anyone objects then let's talk about it.

Be warned, only people who have paid will appear in the weekly reports!


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