The wanderer returns – Trev back in winning ways!

Quick delve into the archives shows the also time Trev was in the winners’ enclosure was April 2016, then November 2015. Can this really be right!

He’s even gone off to Aruba to celebrate. Does things in style our man. Anyway, enough of the eulogies, a score of 38 points in a big field of 18 for the Hospital Cup was enough to clinch it, helped along by 3 birdies! ‘Course, Danie had to go and show whose boss with 4 birdies in a (for him) paltry 27 points.

Ever classy Mark takes second with 36, gross 76, two birdies. Ignoring a blow-up on the 4th got to allow him his only 6 on the 9th, itself a blimmin achievement in that wind. Got to be a wind turbine in Therfield to change a forecast 20 mph wind into a raging 40 mph round the corner there.

Irrepressible Pete in 3rd with 35, just showing that knocking shots off two or three times in a go just needs a bit of extra attention.

20 birdies in all! Getting one didn’t even ensure getting your money back.

The League is brewing up nicely, just 3 points separating the top trio, all now off reduced handicaps but each with a 33 to knock off, in fact two for Lance and Jonathan as we enter the last three rounds before the Spring Recess.

Three horse race

Not fair to say the Eclectic is dead boring in comparison, Mark looking to have had it stitched up from the early days. Just the record total to go for now, short of some miracle from the following pack. Quick comment on Lance’s exalted total – ever vigilant Pete pointed to an error going back to November, where Lance was credited with 6 birdies instead of 0. Sorry mate, you’re back to the land of mortal men but still one in the lead. Bloody computers, or bloody silly programmers.

Mark out of sight?
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