You guessed it – it’s Jonathan!

There’s no holding this man, I think that’s Jonathan’s third win in five outings.

Hmm, bank balance coming along nicely, thanks guys

Pretty bleak out there by all account, nominally 14 started but only 12 completed.

Sorry Paul, the database doesn’t recognise you.  Come again!

By my reckoning 5 on the 8th scores 3, not 2, so one to add to the winning total.  Good stuff from Phil for second with 30, then Lance and Colin in joint third with 27. Bonus of 1 for Gary too, with 5 on the second giving 2, not 1.  

Jonathan forges ahead in the league, almost a complete lap ahead now.

One to go Jonathan, then the fun starts

Nothing much to add to the Eclectic, cracked record syndrome again as Mark remains impregnable.

Must deduct your 5 bonus birdies, Pete

Remember Christmas Santa next week.  

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